Arcane SMP is a public MMO SMP server with a custom leveled mobs, loot, player stats and other mechanics. We feature modded like features with out the complicated mess of using them yourself


Claim your land, start a kingdom and gain the power of the lands. 

Venture as a lone crusader, taking loot and claiming bounties. The choice is solely yours.

The Arcane Vision

Hey there, I am Ion. I am one of the co-owners and creator of Arcane SMP. 

I have been playing Minecraft since September of 2010 and have seen the game evolve greatly. The thing that makes the game so wonderful is the multiplayer aspect of the game, and as new updates roll out the more it feels to stray away from Minecrafts magic.

Arcane SMP’s sole purpose is to improve the vanilla game without any mods whatsoever. The server I grew up with was called Jamesness castle build and it was really big on getting your own little plot of land and expanding it to your own town around a giant castle built by the owner. There was a simple system for trading that included using books and had a great community.

Arcane SMP strives to grow on the experience I fell in love with as a kid and polishing it into a pretty little lump of gold; refreshing it with new features, items, mechanics and fun little tid bits for our players enjoyement.

Meet the Staff

Want to help the server grow?