UI Update

UI Update

What’s up everybody! We have discovered the wonderful world of Unicode!

What is unicode? Basically a series of numbers and characters making a code point to link to a certain file type, in this case we use pictures! I now present to you BADGES!

We have a series of new badges, most are for the scoreboard

We made this change to make scale the scoreboard size down and make things a little easier on the eyes.

We have also added Badges to ranks! So Staff and Donators get their own special flair when in game Here are some of the Badges.


Do you want to support the server and have your own custom badge themed around whatever you want? Visit our shop!

Other minor changes to the server

  • Fixed custom crops produce breaking when server is restarted
  • Fixed Mushroom Blocks Blockstates.
  • Fixed voting sites not paying out all like they are supposed to.