Secret Friday Update 3

Okay, I know this going out on a Sunday but it’s a huge update and I hope it makes up for it!

This update is in preparation for Halloween, it includes 1 new mob, 1 new boss, 2 multiblock structures, 1 new food item and a bunch of new weapons as well as some other changes.



OooOOooOOoooO Spooky! These mobs are vicious and pack a punch! They can spawn around the world at night time, can fly through blocks and can be summomed by the Lich King


The Lich King Boss

The Lich king is the king of the dead, his large horns instill fear in those who oppose him and doesn’t go out without a fight! He can summon Ghosts when being attacked as well as a smash attack and teleports behind the player. He drops a randomly generated Lich Horn weapon upon death that has randomly generated stats. The Lich is summoned with a the Lich Alter

Multi block Structures

Arcane Forge

This structure allows the player to craft custom items, weapons and armor.
This is how you build the structure, go ahead and build one in game to see what it offers!

Lich Alter

The Lich Alter is a complex structure that requires some time in the Nether to complete. Here is the recipe for the Lich Alter, to activate it you will need to be holding one Human Soul


Monsters now have a chance to drop Weird Candy Bags. These feeds 4 units on the hunger meter but give you 15 seconds of dizzyness.

Player Interactions

If you right click a player you can now interact with them directly. Doing so opens a menu that allows you to Invite them to either your kingdom or McMMO party, trade with them, or pickpocket them…..

Other Changes

We have added bushy leaves and notifiers to farmable crops! Thanks to VanillaTweaks.net

  • Removed Inferno Turrets from Kingdoms.
  • Updated Kingdoms
  • Added Vouchers.
  • Added In Game Gold to the donation shop.

Alright everybody, that is all for this update. Sorry it took so long to come out.

Happy Halloween!