Secret Friday Update 2

Hey again everyone, it’s that time of the week again! We have some new things to show you so lets go!

One of our most proud features of the server is our use of GUI, We understand commands can be a lot to remember and we want to make things as easy for you as possible. We have added a new item to the game that shows you how to make all of the custom items the server has in store.

This is the Arcane Tome, and this is how you craft it.”

The items are the following
1 Tera Soul – Can be dropped from killing passive mobs
1 Writtable Book
1 Impure Soul – Can be dropped from killing hostile mobs

Shop District

Shops are a great way for players to step their loot up! Whether you need gear to prepare to raid a neighboring kingdom or if you need blocks to finish your base, these features are endlessly useful. We noticed if players can buy items anywhere they like it creates a situational advantage that could be seen as unfair, so we have added the Shop District!

In the shop district you can find anything you can find the shop page of the player menu. The shop district is free to use but the shop menu in the player inventory requires $25 to be in your inventory to open.

Automation Update!

We have updated the hoppers on the server, if you punch a hopper it will pull up a menu that will allow you to do the following things. We have also added Chunk Anchors, these can be purchased in the Miscellaneous shop. Chunk Anchors keep the chunk that they are in loaded for a duration of 1 hour after being placed. These work if you are not in the chunk, in a different dimension or are offline completely.

  • Teleporting
  • Autocrafting
  • Filter Sorting
  • BlockBreaking
  • AutoSelling
  • Wireless Container Linking

You can find more information about this feature here

Well that’s all for this weeks update! See you all next week!